Wall Street Journal Article on exercise and Parkinsons

World-wide, the number of Parkinson's patients alone is projected to double by 2030. The aging population accounts for much of the rise in movement disorders, but they are also being diagnosed in younger patients and can be inherited. Parkinson's … [Read more...]

Bob Weinschenk’s Negative Symptoms

I received the following email from Bob after his recent check up at Emory: "Each check up with my specialist at Emory (which is every 6 months) he measures my flexibility,motor skills, gait,etc. Compared to previous visits.  This check up my … [Read more...]

CrossFit and MS

Attached is one person's story of participating in CrossFit with Multiple Sclerosis (MS).   This is definitely worth reading for anyone who thinks that they cannot participate in CrossFit.  Tony started CrossFit in 2007, and made the following … [Read more...]

Bob Weinschenk’s Retirement

[Read more...]

Fletch achieves milestone!

Fletch informed us that achieved a milestone!  (Actually one of many) He is now the same weight that he was in 1970! (By the way.....   his daughter tells me he has a much more positive attitude!) … [Read more...]