Our Story

I discovered CrossFit in about 2004, when I was sharing training programs with my good friend, Dan MacDougald.   Dan was coaching the Georgia Tech Rugby Team, and I was coaching the Savannah College of Art and Design’s Rugby team.  I told Dan about a program I found on the Internet, and he mentioned CrossFit.  He sent me a homemade DVD that CrossFit produced showing some of their athletes training.  The minute I saw this DVD, I admitted to Dan that he had indeed found the correct training program, not me.

Dan and I started doing CrossFit in each of our back yards under sheds.  We decided to attend a Level I certification in Santa Cruz in 2005, and we were both blown away by what we learned.  We then decided to start CrossFit Atlanta together.

In short order Dan decided to retire from the legal profession and do CrossFit full time.  He opened a gym close to Georgia Tech, and he has grown CrossFit Atlanta into one of the premier CrossFit affiliates in the United States (actually the world).  I continued to maintain a full-time job, and it was difficult to commute to get to the new location and to my job.  So I built a gym (more like a barn) in my backyard.

One of my oldest friends, Rusty Gordon, was coming to a boot camp that I was conducting outside.  At the time he was dealing with the onset of Diabetes, and was committed to changing his lifestyle.  Rusty is now one of the fittest individuals I know for his age, and the Diabetes symptoms have reversed.   As Rusty started showing such remarkable results, his friends began to inquire. The next thing I knew we had a small community coming twice a week.

There is a story behind each of the individuals who started coming, and it is their influence that led to CrossFit Lakepoint becoming a reality.   In addition to Rusty:

  • Taylor Quarles – the fittest 70 year old any of us know, and he is an inspiration to us all.
  • Les Randall – started coming right after major heart surgery to correct a congenital problem.  His Cardiologist is enthusiastic with the results.
  • Bob Fletcher – it took some coaxing, because Bob didn’t think he could do CrossFit due to a hip condition.  His progress has simply been nothing short of amazing.
  • Bob Weinschenk –  now this is a story.  Bob has Parkinson’s Disease due to exposure to Agent Orange in Vietnam.  You will see Bob’s influence in the mission of CrossFit Lakepoint.   Now if you want to see perfect form in action, please watch him.

If you are one of those individuals who thinks that they cannot do CrossFit, we hope to change your mind.

The following photographs and video tell the story of our current gym…..

CrossFit Lakepoint History

Video of the gym