About CrossFit

When I discovered CrossFit in 2005, I had the opportunity to attend several certification seminars and listen to Greg Glassman explain CrossFit.  My good friend, Dan MacDougald and I, were so excited about what we learned that we virtually memorized how to present CrossFit.  We could  draw the stick figures like Greg  in order to demonstrate mid-line stabilization and the proper squat technique.   We memorized “What is Fitness”, “Virtuosity”, and the “Foundations’ articles (please see the links to these articles).  So when someone asked me, “What is CrossFit”, I was ready to launch into a presentation!

Over the years though I just tell them that it is something they just have to try.  If they try it, they will begin a life-long journey of learning about fitness, improving their well-being, experiencing a supportive community, and feeling a sense of accomplishment.   In 2005 hardly anyone had heard of CrossFit.  Now the brand speaks for itself .